April 1, 2018

Struggling to find an achievable new years resolution ?

Struggling to find an achievable new year’s resolution? still in need of some inspirations? One of my biggest struggles in life is to make a small achievable list of expectations for my personal achievements and it tends to end up in frustration… For this reason, I was considering not even having one this year and just drag the past ones along. As I was studying for my January university exams, the image of Gandhi came into my head. He inspires me in so many ways! What habits would such personality have? I searched for it and came […]
January 1, 2018

Happy New Year – Gut and Brain Connection

Happy New Year! I have been so absent from posting anything on this page, it was always hanging on my mind that I had to just do it. So here I am! New Year’s resolution! Writing! Write about things I find interesting and share  So many things holding me back from posting. Self-sabotage. Perfectionism. Fear. Many Fears. Too much exposure. Lack of organization. Being extremely busy. And health issues. Talking about health issues, today I am going to share something incredible about the Gut (Gastro-intestinal system) and its breath-taking connection with the Brain (Nervous System). One […]