Happy New Year – Gut and Brain Connection

Happy New Year!
I have been so absent from posting anything on this page, it was always hanging on my mind that I had to just do it. So here I am! New Year’s resolution! Writing!
Write about things I find interesting and share 

So many things holding me back from posting. Self-sabotage. Perfectionism. Fear. Many Fears. Too much exposure. Lack of organization. Being extremely busy. And health issues.

Talking about health issues, today I am going to share something incredible about the Gut (Gastro-intestinal system) and its breath-taking connection with the Brain (Nervous System). One of the principles of Osteopathy and Osteopathic treatment is that “the person is a unity of Mind, Body and Spirit. Ooh spirit. It has been found that the lining of the Gut (from the oesophagus to the large bowel) is lined with cells that contain neuropeptides (small protein-like molecule that brain neurons use to communicate with each other) and their receptors. “These substances produced by the nerve cells are a key to the mind and body connection that contributes to the physical manifestation of emotions” (Goodman and Snyder). Although, ancient medicine has always known this. But as in these days, people get stuck with wanting a scientific explanation to accept things, here we go…

Links for extra information on the matter:


The link below is from Ted ideas website, a research from a neuroscientist.

A scientist explores the mysteries of the gut-brain connection
The psychosomatic network: foundations of mind-body medicine:



Gut feelings: the emerging biology of gut–brain communication:


Recognition of stress-induced MHC molecules by intestinal epithelial gamma delta T cells.

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